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The most expensive range finder on our comparison, the G7 BR2500 rangefinder is the most advanced range finder in the industry. Capable of ranging at distances out beyond what the average person is capable of shooting, this range finder is geared towards those people who specialize in long range shooting, or simply want a range finder with all the bells and whistles.

Gunwerks-G7-BR2The Gunwerks BR2500 is the heaviest range finder in our comparison weighing in at 14.3 oz, which equates to nearly 1 pound. Combined with its physical dimensions, you have to have a specific purpose in which weight is not a factor in packing this unit around, surprisingly the unit is still very portable.  It seems almost military grade due to being so rugged. Powered by a 7x lens the optics are clear, and crisp accompanied by a large comfortable user adjustable eye cup, every user can adjust this laser range finder to ensure optimal performance.

This is the most capable rangefinder by far. This being said for the average user many of its capabilities will supersede their ability. The BR2500 Rangefinder is the only rangefinder that can calculate your ballistic calculation for every shooting condition. This rangefinder is pre-programmed for multiple ballistic settings that can be adjusted to many cartridges or firearms. It can make adjustments for Ballistic Coefficient, Muzzle Velocity, Sight Height and Zero Range, all of which are easily programmable.

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The rangefinder has on-board sensors that calculate incline angle, compass heading, barometric pressure, and temperature. These all work in conjunction with  the internal  software to  give the user the correct shot to range. This range finder also has the ability to program up to 5 different cartridge combinations.

Unlike the competition we found the ranging is easy at targets up to 1000 yards, although the range finder is capable of further ranging performance. The reticle size seems ideal for target up to 1000 yards. It can go a lot further but realistically it seems this is the useful distance. When we attempted to range a building at around 1500 yards, we were unsuccessful at ranging this distance, perhaps it was the overcast sky of the day, just like many of the competitors unless its absolutely perfect conditions we were unable to get readings out to the maximum claimed range. This being said lets not forget ranging to 1000 yards was not a problem, seemingly the best in our comparison test.

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Overall impression is 5/5. Based on the state of the art technology held inside and the capabilities it offers.  With such a hefty price tag it better be great! For the average person hunting with this may be overkill. Personally it seems more suited for a military type environment, where you better hit perfectly what your aiming at the first time or else you’ll become the target, or perhaps its made for those who specifically want to specialize in long range hunting or shooting competitions. If you can afford this top of the line range finder, you won’t be disappointed, even with its weight and bulky size, this LRF  is rugged and will provide you with years of ranging performance. However if it fails within the first year you are covered by the BR2500 warranty protection plan.