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Combine high quality craftsmanship with simple operation and you get the Leica CRF 1000-R laser rangefinder. With over 100 years’ experience building laser related products the name Leica is a fore runner in the industry. Testing this range finder was a joy. Taking it to the field, I was surprised how user friendly the unit was.

The Leica allows ranging from 10  -> 1000 yards. Powered by 7 x magnification it was no problem at all to range distances out to 1100 yards consistently. The auto-dimming LED gives you a clear view of the distance meter and angle indicator in nearly every light condition.

Leica Rangemaster CRF 1000-RThe unit was performing flawlessly in the mid-day sun. Unlike the Swarovski I had no problems ranging in the mid-afternoon. This rangefinder has integrated diopter compensation up to 600 yards. Accuracy is +/- 1 yard from 10 to 400 yards, +/- 2 yards between 400-800 yards and down to .5% past 800 yards.  The rangefinder will also calculate vertical components for incline or decline shooting and display the number in degrees in a very easy to understand manner in the LED display.  One thing to note that when I was ranging distances over 1100 yards, the LED reticule seems very small. In other words you could probably get a range on an elephant but nothing smaller.

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Powered by a CR2 battery and weighing just 7.8 oz the dimensions are comparable to many of the other rangefinders on our list. It begins to standout when you look deeper than the surface. Made of a combination of carbon fiber bonded plastic & metal, my hand melted around it. Leica has incorporated a nice feature to alert the user that the battery is going to need to be changed soon. According to the user manual, the battery light will begin to flash on the LED display; this lets the you know there is about 100 activations left before its completely dead. Keep in mind that as battery voltage drops so will your range performance.

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No doubt about it if you’re looking for a high end laser rangefinder with great overall feel and function I would highly recommend this unit. Having used it several times hands down the Leica rangefinder would make an excellent choice.