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Leupold, a name trusted for years and regarded as a leader in innovative quality optics. This LRF is my personal favorite.  After doing my reviews on all these rangefinders, (liking the thought of purchasing a Leica or Swarovski but knowing I couldn’t afford them), it became clear to me that I need a range finder that

  1. Can range soft targets out past 500 yards.
  2. Has decent magnification at 6X so I can leave my bulky binoculars behind
  3. Has angle compensation as we hunt in the mountains, it must be waterproof as I live in the rainy west coast, utilize high quality glass to allow me to use every minute of legal shooting light in a day,  I commonly find myself hunting in very heavily wooded or foggy conditions.

leopold tbr 1000iSo my decision came down to either the Vortex 1000 or the Leupold RX-1200i TBR with DNA digital laser rangefinder.  Right or wrong my decision was made solely on the basis of the reputation that the name Leupold has created. Manufactured in the USA, Leupold has very tight tolerances for their products, and takes pride in that. Vortex being manufactured  in China, It makes me wonder if they can put the same confidence into their products.  I need the assurance that when I am out dealing with the elements rain or shine, the rangefinder will not let me down.  Don’t get me wrong, I realize this is an electronic product, however  when I am investing a lot of money into hunts, I need to have the assurance that it will work and I won’t be let down by my optics. Vortex has the best warranty out of any of the range finders in my opinion. But why do they need it?  So my choice was made. Leupold TBR 1200i -TBR-DNA.

Constructed out of a solid aluminum block, and coated in an impact absorbing rubber material, when you first hold it you notice how solid it feels. It gives the impression that it’s well made. Unlike the competitors that feel like cheap plastic, this rangefinder is well constructed. They rubber eye piece is retractable to allow users with glasses to get a wider field of view.

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The speed in which this rangefinder works is incredible. Inside this range finder you will find new technology that Leupold  has spent the last several years developing.  A new processor engine has been born; they refer to as DNA (Digitally enhanced accuracy). The biggest benefit of this new processor is the speed in which it works, as well as how accurate it is to 1/10th of a yard. Virtually instantaneous readings are achieved.  Press the button and your range is displayed.

Significant advancements have been made in the optical system. Leupold utilizes an O-LED display that actually injects the light into the optical path. So unlike most other LCD display range finders this gives Leupold an advantage into significant increase in clarity and light transmission. With a claimed 85-90% light transmission which is most noticeable when I am in low light conditions for example dusk or dawn. Compared to traditional LCD displays like the Bushnell or Redfield for example where it can be as low as 20-30%.

  • TBR stands for true ballistic range. The range finder has 4 readouts.
  • MOA: The minutes of angle of elevation to adjust your rifle scope for precise zero.
  • HOLD: The number of inches or centimeters to hold over or under aim point on target.
  • MIL: The mill radians of angle of elevation to adjust your rifle scope for precise zero.
  • BAS: The equivalent horizontal range for which you should hold for use with your bullet’s ballistics.

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Overall impression 4/5
I thought long and hard about how to score this rangefinder.  I had to be careful not let my bias come into play. This decision did not come easily, as it does everything so well. I gave this rangefinder a 4/5 based on its lack of ability to range soft targets out past 600 yards. Realistically I have never taken a shot that far, however due to it’s inability to range that far and bearing the title suggesting 1000 yards, I think a 4 out of 5 is fare.