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When I read the words Nikon I immediately think of a brand name associated with great camera’s & lens, so wrapping my head around the possibility that Nikon could build a laser rangefinder came easy. Personally owning many Nikon products and thoroughly enjoying each one, I have high expectations.

Nikon Riflehunter 1000Like most of its competitors the unit is small and lightweight. When you first hold the Nikon you notice the rubberized non-slip surface. The manufacture claims that it is waterproof to a maximum depth of 1 meter for up to 10 minutes. My take on this is if you drop it in water get it out quick, and it better not be much deeper than a mud puddle.

Nikon is known for manufacturing high quality products in the camera industry and I would say they have carried their reputation forward here as well.  My first impression of the Nikon 8377 rangefinder after looking through the monocular 6x lens, I was captivated by the clarity. I immediately thought for the money its a very good deal. The glass used on the Riflehunter is superb, Nikon has yet to disappoint in this regard.

To set the stage the weather was clear, air temperature 5 deg Celsius. I was well anchored, to ensure I had a very steady rest. I held the Nikon rangefinder up to my eye, and noticed what appeared to be approx. a 45 degree field of view.  When I pressed the ranging button the LED display clearly illuminated, I noticed 1st hand the display self-adjust the brightness of the displayed reticle.

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The LCD display turns black in bright lighting conditions, and then when lower light conditions arise it tints orange, to allow the black reticule to stand out, I had no problems reading the LED display at all. I then attempted to range a tree at a physically measured 550 yards. The display showed 548 yards.  I attempted to do it again, to verify the measurement and this time it read 549 yards to target. These measurements were taken back to back within 10 seconds of each other, I was careful to measure the exact same spot on the tree, as I was still in the same anchored position from the previous attempt. I don’t know why the measurements were not the same, it was close but no cigar, to me it’s not the end of the world to have a different measurement by such a close number,  1 yard is not going to make or break the shot.

Another nice feature that Nikon has applied is the inclinometer; this measure the horizontal distance to your target, taking into consideration any angle adjustments. The user can turn this feature off, the rangefinder will then display the line of sight distance, and this will allow compensation for the distance by using hold over adjustments for the shot. Nikon has incorporated a scan feature. By holding down the main button the Riflehunter laser range finder will continually update the range while scanning your target.

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Nikon has put together a laser range finder that is very capable. Its simple to use and has the basic features most people would need, being that it’s capable of angle compensation, waterproof and has great clarity, what else do you need. Ranging ability will supersede the average user. Due to the fact that this range finder has limited user controlled options, compared to others in its class, I give it 3 out of 5.