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Good things come in small packages.  Lightweight and compact in size this rangefinder tips the scale at just  5 oz, you barely notice it in your pocket. Being so light, unlike some of the competition I noticed that this range finder  failed to give me the feeling that i was holding a product that will stand up to the environments I would put it through, , this being said I was quickly reassured by a super 2 year warranty protection plan.

Redfield Raider 600AWith the overall length less than than 4” long, Redfield’s Raider 600A Digital Laser Rangefinder is compact and powerful enough range out to 600 yards on a highly reflective target. We attempted to range a stop sign multiple times and it was ranged successfully at  exactly 600 yards, 599 yards and 599 yards on consecutive attempts.

The 6X magnification, precision laser and inclinometer provide quick, accurate and true horizontal ranges to your target, and provide accuracy to the nearest yard. The black LCD display was hard to see against dark backgrounds and became slightly frustrating. Multiple attempts were needed to range a specific tree at 400 yards.

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The operation is super simple.  Operated by the push of a single large button, if you  press the button once to get a single range, or hold it down to enter the scan mode. This will constantly update the range when you track the target.  Be advised this rangefinder uses a lot of batteries. By playing around with it the battery life indicator showed ½ battery – with approximately 200 laser activations even with a fresh battery installed, so it seems the Redfield rangefinder is hungry for the CR2 batteries.