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The Simmons LRF 600 is built for a budget conscious person in mind. With a claimed maximum range of 600 yards on a highly reflective target, this rangefinder is near the bottom of our comparison list, when it comes to both maximum & useful ranging capabilities. The Simmons range finder is available in 2 color choices, black and camouflage.

Simmons LRF 600When you first hold the Simmons LRF 600, you notice how small it is combined with the light weight. Simmons has done a good job at making holding this range finder feel comfortable. By making the bottom slightly abrasive it allows the unit to stay anchored as it sits in the V between your thumb and index finger. Good thing because it takes a steady hand, being only 4x objects appear small in the lens. They have put some grooves in the side of the rangefinder to allow the user to grip it with ease in all-weather conditions, although I don’t know if I would want to take this unit into very wet or rainy conditions.

Powered by a standard 9 volt battery that requires a flat head screw driver to take out, it fails to give the impression that it’s going to last a long time, or in an extreme case if it would even stand being dropped. Add that to the simple one button operation, it almost feels like a toy, and it leaves the user to wonder just how durable its going to be. But then again what do you expect for around $120.

When you press the ranging button while looking through the display in an attempt to range an object, I first noticed the black LCD display.  It took some extra concentration and focus, to read the LCD display, when ranging a dark object. The extra time required could easily result in missing an opportunity.  The black LCD is in my opinion a bad choice of colors for this use. Expect to find it difficult to range any target that is dark in color.

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The LCD display is simple, it consists of three icons.

  1. Aiming Window
  2. Battery Life indicator
  3. Yardage display


The user can configure the range finder to measure in either yards or meters. This feature can be selected by simply holding down the ranging button and manually selecting the unit of measure, this is very simple to do.
There is nothing written in the owner’s manual about how water proof or resistant this unit is. If I were to purchase this unit, I would be very hesitant about getting it wet or using it in such conditions.

I want to talk a bit about how unreliable I have found this rangefinder. Testing at the following ranges:

At 300+ yards it is simply unreliable.  The reticule is too small to be able to hold the unit steady in order to accurately postion the LCD display, I found the reading to be inaccurate 7/10 attempts.

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At 200 to 300 yards I found it to be hit and miss . I found that once again due to the reticle size it usually ends up ranging the back ground shrubs or trees. You might be better to look at some other options if your budget allows.