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The 2nd biggest in physical size and the third heaviest in our comparison is the Carl Zeiss Victory PRF. The name Zeiss is known as a leader in lenses and renowned for the manufacturing of quality optics. With its roots beginning in Germany the name stands for precision and care.

Zeiss Victory PRFWith high contrast and crystal clear images, the Zeiss Victory sits near the top on our comparison. The biggest advantage of this range finder over the other less expensive models is the ranging performance. After all isn’t that what you purchase a laser rangefinder for?

When you first hold the Zeiss PRF I found that the physical size is an advantage for being able to hold it steady. Having a full size eye cup, accompanied by the physical size you can secure the unit easily to provide a steady rest in order to facilitate ranging at long distances. The glass is coated in a patented coating called LotuTec. This provides a fog resistant surface and makes water and snow slip right off.

Comparing the Zeiss Rangefinder to the Leica, I found the clarity and sharpness to be superior, Leica makes a very nice product, no doubt about it. So to have lenses that are noticeably clearer than Leica reinforces how good this product really is.

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You can adjust the sharpness by twisting the eye cup for added clarity. With attempts made to range small gophers at 400 yards it was no problem at all. This can act as a pair of high end binoculars with no trouble at all. Another advantage of this unit is that Carl Zeiss products include warranties of lifetime on optical components; five years on electronic components; two years on camera components; and one year on carrying straps, lens caps, and similar accessories.